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The Cost of College Counts

This is an exciting time of year when seniors are finalizing their college lists and getting applications and essays completed. Juniors may be starting to explore different types of colleges, which is thrilling as well. But for many families, the cost of college looms over the entire process. If you’re one of the fortunate families for whom the cost of college doesn’t matter, this blog isn’t for you. But for the rest of us, here are some effective strategies for making sure that cost doesn’t hinder the overall excitement.

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The Advantages of a Mock Interview

Some colleges offer the opportunity for an applicant to engage in an interview with either a member of the university staff, a current student, or an alumni as part of the college admission process. In a previous blog post, we outlined why the interview is important, and 4 steps to mastering it. However, an important part of mastering the college interview is participating in a mock interview.

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Introducing Our Team of Subject Area Specialists

We are dedicated to helping ALL types of students create strong applications and find schools that are ideal matches.

It seems with every passing year, the complexity of the college search, application and financial aid process has increased. Colleges add layer after layer to their admission and aid requirements.

We know that students pursuing certain academic areas or personal interests will face unique challenges. That is why we are excited to announce another layer of support at Campus Bound….our Subject Area Specialists (SAS)!

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Reaching Out to College Athletic Coaches in 5 Easy Steps

It might seem daunting and scary to reach out to the athletic coaches at the colleges you are interested in. Or, perhaps you are putting it off hoping that, by some chance, the coach from the college you love clear across the country will miraculously find you and reach out to you. Well, there is no sense waiting, and it’s really not hard. Here are 5 simple steps to help you as you take the initiative and reach out to college athletic coaches.

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4 Important Ways to Reduce Stress During the College Process

The college search and application process can be stressful to students and families. Despite everyone’s best efforts to keep a clear head and calm demeanor, the fact of the matter is that it’s a process with many questions, tasks and responsibilities. In this blog post, we outline four ways students can possibly reduce stress while searching for and applying to colleges.

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