Helping Students in Your Community Realize Their College Dreams

Now every family can access college finance experts

Our mission is to make college more affordable for families. 

We partner with sponsors to provide critical, cost-saving expertise to all high school students headed to college, not just the lucky few who win a scholarship.

The process for pursuing financial support for college is complicated and can leave people confused, stressed and at risk for making costly mistakes.

Many high school counselors are unable to advise families on critical financial aid issues. 

We help families budget for college expenses, find affordable colleges, navigate the financial aid process, appeal for additional aid, and explore loan options and strategies.

Making a Difference

As a sponsor, we’ll help you make an impact by reducing the cost of college for hundreds of students by maximizing the resources available from the government and colleges.

  • 85% of families working with us receive grants and scholarships ranging from $5,000 to 80% of total cost of attendance
  • In the last 5 years, >50% of additional aid appeals have resulted in award increases ranging from $3,000-$17,000
  • One student received an additional $25k per year on appeal
  • Another student was guided to an alternative school and avoided $120k in debt

Want to learn more? Contact Gregg Cohen online or call 781-740-4300 x101. Programs can be customized to meet your organization and community needs.

We Have Answers 

Our service is invaluable for families throughout the high school years.   From planning to payment options, we can help families make strong decisions, reduce the college bill, and minimize debt.

We help answer critical questions such as:

  • Is the 529 a good savings option for me?
  • How much can I afford?
  • How much financial aid can I expect?
  • How do I answer that tricky question on the financial aid form?
  • What are the best ways to find scholarships?
  • How should I communicate extenuating circumstances and appeal for more aid?
  • What are the best loan alternatives for me?

And many other difficult questions.

“With just some simple guidance and support in areas that I never knew about, we were able to save tens of thousands of dollars over all four years of our son’s college bill.” 
–  Brian G, Parent ‘220, ’21, ’24

Our Comprehensive Services 

We offer personal guidance, helpful tools and easy-to-navigate content:

  • Phone consultation with experts
  • Email inquiries to provide flexible access to our experts
  • Advanced financial calculators and search tools to help you understand your options
  • Preliminary budget analysis so you can effectively build your college list
  • Webinars and seminars to allow you to become educated on college finances
  • Discounts on additional Campus Bound Services for more in-depth support

For more information or to get started, contact Gregg Cohen online or call 781-740-4300 x101.

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