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Should my student take the higher level course?
Will putting money into my 529 plan hurt my chances for financial aid?
Is this college application essay topic a good one?

There are so many questions that can arise during the pursuit of college.   Having an expert at your fingertips can provide you information that will make a difference and reduce the stress and uncertainty.

You will receive

  • All tools resources available as part of Basic package.   PLUS:
  • Monthly 30-minute video consultations with admissions or financial aid expert
  • Access to private online message board moderated by experienced college counselor
  • Diagnostic SAT or ACT exam
    • Virtually proctored practice test taken at home or library to determine the test that is right for the student
    • Instant scoring with full report to show areas of strengths and weaknesses
    • Personalized review with test preparation expert of results and opportunities to increase score
    • Suite of video instructions to explain how to answers dozens of types of questions
  • Online career assessment platform
    • An online cutting-edge tool based on the time tested Johnson-O’Connor assessment to help teens identify their own aptitudes, interests, potential careers and educational paths to get them there.”
    • Results available 24 hours after completion
  • Assessment of your eligibility for need-based financial aid and identification of ways to reduce the costs based on your situation.

You will get everything listed on this page for Only $99/month!

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