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Help your children reach their college goals

  • Create a financial plan
  • Find colleges that fit
  • Reduce the cost
  • Create strong applications
  • Minimize stress


Advice from professionals and individualized assessments to help you meet your goals

Reduce the cost of college with help from Campus Bound

There are many ways to reduce the cost of college, Campus Bound will help you to identify and pursue the opportunities available to you. Campus Bound’s team of financial aid experts have supported thousands of families including as financial aid officers at leading colleges and universities.

Through one-on-one video-meetings, emails and phone conversations you will receive:

  • Assessment of your eligibility for need-based aid
  • Insights on merit scholarship opportunities at the student’s target colleges
  • Assistance completing the FAFSA, CSS Profile
  • Completion of submission of supporting documents such as your tax returns including use of IRS Data Retrieval Tool and IDOC (if necessary)
  • Review of financial aid and scholarship awards
  • Guidance with appeals for additional funding from the college
  • Review of loan options to find ideal solution based on your goals

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