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Finding affordable colleges

Making college costs more manageable starts with the college list development.  Juniors and Sophomores will learn key considerations as they identify target colleges.

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Mass Athlete Performance families now have access to personalized support and resources to help you navigate the college financial landscape including the financial aid process. MAP has teamed with the experts from Campus Bound to help you to take the steps to make college more affordable.




For the Class of 2022 and 2023

  • A one-hour personalized consultation with a college financial expert. Click here to schedule an appointment.
  • Unlimited emails to have your specific questions answered on everything from savings options, to filling out the financial aid forms to financing options to the ways to find scholarships. Send your questions to gcohen@CampusBound.com.
  • 10% Discounts on more extensive Campus Bound personalized support.

All members of the Mass Athlete Performance community are welcome to:

  • Attend live webinars covering timely information to help you with college financial matters. Click here to see the full schedule and to register.
  • Use of the sophisticated online calculators described below.


Family Contribution Calculator

Learn your potential eligibility for financial aid by understanding your Expected Family Contribution. This easy to use calculator will provide you with the number that colleges will use to determine how much need-based loans, grants and work-study you are eligible to receive.

Click here for the Expected Contribution calculator.

Scholarship search engine

Access over thousands of scholarships worth over 1 billion dollars through this search tool. This will even show you what percentage of students receive the award so you can gauge your likelihood for success.

Click here for the Scholarship search engine.

Loan payment calculator

Need to borrow? This calculator allows you to understand your monthly payments when you get into the payback period. It will even tell you how much you can save if you pay your interest while in school.

Click here for the Loan Payment calculator.

Why Receive Assistance from a College Financial Expert

College is a Major Investment

The short- and long-term financial considerations of colleges are significant and a full evaluation of opportunities can be life-changing for both parent and student.

Find Opportunities to Save Thousands on College

There isn’t a one-size fits all approach to easing the college cost burden. A conversation with expert can determine what options may work best for you.

It is Easy to Make a Mistake

Complicated forms, confusing statistics, and a variety of financing options are just some of the places where costly errors can be made. Receiving qualified support can help you avoid missteps.

Maximize Your Student’s Options

By methodically navigating the college financial landscape you can reduce the cost of college. This could increase the colleges that are financially viable or allow you to avoid debt.


To arrange your personal consultation, have your college financial questions answered, or to arrange for your preliminary assessment, contact Gregg Cohen at gcohen@campusbound.com or call 781-740-4300.

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