Attention MAP ID Camp Attendees

A Special Offer from Campus Bound

The process of searching for, applying to, and reducing the cost of college can be challenging, especially if you are planning on playing soccer in college. Our college counseling partner, Campus Bound, is pleased to provide this special offer for all registered players to make the college process easier and to maximize your college opportunities.


College Admissions & Financial Aid Counseling Platform

Access to online tools and resources providing the information you need when you need it

  • Practical guidance on all parts of the process
  • Calendar of key action items based on student’s grade
  • College financial calculators
  • Scholarship and college search tools

Regularly priced at $20/month

10% Discount

Ad-Hoc Personalized Support – Monthly Subscription

Personalized advice from professionals

College counseling platform PLUS…

  • One-on-one 30-minute video consults with college admissions or financial aid expert
  • Email support for your specific questions
  • Online career assessment platform
  • Financial aid eligibility evaluation and opportunities to reduce cost of college

Cancel anytime
Regularly priced at $99/month

10% Discount

Comprehensive College Admissions Guidance

Find schools that are a great match & show them your best!

  • Regularly scheduled virtual college counseling sessions with current/former admissions officers and college counselors
  • Identify colleges that meet your goals
  • College essay reviews
  • Guidance on athletic recruitment process
  • Help to keep you on track

Regularly priced at $2500-$3500
Monthly Payment Plans Available

10% Discount

Comprehensive Financial Aid Support

Financial aid experts will guide you every step of the way to enhance your opportunities and reduce the cost of college (potentially significantly)

  • Strategies to maximize need-based and merit scholarships
  • Hands-on support with the financial aid process and forms
  • Assistance with financial aid appeals
  • Guidance on the ways to pay for college

Regularly priced at $1250
Monthly Payment Plans Available

Enroll any time after you have registered for the MAP Boys or Girls ID camp. For more information or to enroll in any of these programs… 

Call Gregg Cohen at 781-740-4300 x 101  or Email
Join our parent presentations at camp drop-off.

You may contact Campus Bound at any time after you register for MAP if you would like to get started! Mention MAP!

Register for MAP by March 15th and DOUBLE THE DISCOUNTS!

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