Financial Services

Why Get Help

It’s Complicated

The process for securing grants, scholarships and loans has many intricacies.

It’s Expensive

The costs are exorbitant and you don’t want to overpay.

It’s Confusing

Even if you don’t qualify for financial aid, there are ways to reduce the cost.

Expert guidance leads to sustainable financial decisions.

Services Provided

Comprehensive review with families to determine college budgets in light of other needs.

Strategies to maximize amount that can be made available for college through careful planning.

Guidance on financial aid and scholarship eligibility at specific colleges.

Identifying ways to maximize need-based financial aid eligibility when possible.

Completing of financial aid forms including the FAFSA, CSS Profile and IDOC.

Processing supporting documentation required by colleges.

Assisting with appeals for additional financial aid from colleges.

Guidance and support with college loans and payment plans.

How it Works

We start with a no-obligation assessment to learn where opportunities may exist to ease your cost burden. We will take a hands-on approach to help make sure that all cost-saving strategies have been pursued. We offer multiple fixed-price or hourly options to meet your specific needs.

Schedule your free consultation today!

We start with a no-obligation, video conference consultation where we will provide you with valuable insights, answer your questions, and help you identify the support that is right for your needs and budget. 

Remote services available everywhere you are!
In-person support available throughout Eastern MA.

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