Campus Bound is passionate about seeing students have great college choices without causing future financial hardship. There are ways to make a difference regardless of your eligibility for aid.

We methodically support you with establishing and maximizing your college budget as well as with pursuing the various college cost-cutting strategies that may be available based on your situation.

We help you solve the college financial puzzle.

College is a life-changing investment. When you couple the magnitude of the expense with a lack of transparency and a confusing financial aid process with variations among colleges it can be daunting.

Having a trusted financial professional with specialized expertise with the college landscape can save you thousands of dollars, minimize debt and reduce stress.

To Help You Succeed

There is not one single method that works for everyone. We take a holistic approach to evaluating and pursuing opportunities to make college costs less burdensome.

Plan Ahead to Save with Financial Planning

– Create your college budget
– Run “What-if?” scenarios
– Identify ways to stretch your resources
– Determine best payment alternatives
– Target colleges that will fit financially

Reduce the Cost with Financial Aid

– Pursue Need-Based Financial Aid
– Identify Merit-Friendly Colleges
– Complete Financial Aid Forms
– Pursue Aid Appeals
– Evaluate and Apply for Loans



The process begins with a free no-obligation consultation. This can be done at our office, via video-conferencing or phone. We will learn about your situation, provide a preliminary assessment and advice, explain our services in more depth, and help you decide which level of support is right for you.

What Our Clients Say…

“Campus Bound is amazing in helping students and their families navigate the college admission process. Before spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, spend a few dollars with CB and develop a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals.”

– Preston,  Parent

“Campus Bound has been an absolutely invaluable support for me while navigating the financial piece of the college admissions process. I found myself in unusual circumstances with questions that no one could answer. They were knowledgeable, kind, and offered me insight and great advice on navigating the process while balancing my son’s school choices with some more financially friendly schools than were on his original list.”

– Patti, Parent

“Campus Bound was extremely helpful when dealing with the financial aid process . Both of my children were able to increase their original awards using suggestions they offered. I am so grateful someone recommended them to our family.”

– Carrie, Parent

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