Together, our team of financial aid experts help families to explore and pursue the many different ways to reduce the overall cost of college.

Why Work With A College Financial Aid Expert

College is Really Expensive

A careful evaluation and strategic pursuit of funding opportunities can have a life-changing impact on your finances.

Trusted Advice

There is a great deal of information out there, but who can you trust? We do NOT sell loans or any other financial products; our only goal is to help lighten the financial burden that families face when paying for college.

Financial Aid Is Confusing

Understanding the financial aid process is like learning a new language. The forms, terminology, and acronyms can make your head spin.   An expert can help you to decipher it all. 

Applying Is Stressful For The Family

There are many variables to consider, and schools may require different types of applications. A trusted advisor can streamline the process, reduce uncertainty and stress, and pay attention to the details.

2014 – 2015

Paid For College With Grants And Scholarships
Paid For College Without Grants And Scholarships

Campus Bound is passionate about ensuring that you get your piece. We have helped hundreds of families to identify and maximize the opportunities based on their individual situations.


The cost of attending college continues to rise each year. The average college student now graduates with close to $30,000 in student debt. How can you ease the burden associated with paying for college?

There is not one single method that works for everyone. We will take a holistic approach to evaluating and pursuing opportunities for need-based aid, merit aid, negotiating your award, paying your bill efficiently, and more based on your specific circumstances.

Pursue Need-based Financial Aid

The need-based financial aid system is complicated.  It is important to understand your opportunities to reduce the cost as you embark on the college search.  We know the formula inside and out, and will help you pursue grants and loans so you don’t miss a chance.

Identify Merit Scholarship Opportunities

Merit scholarships from colleges are increasingly becoming a key piece of the financial puzzle regardless of your financial situation.  Campus Bound assists you with identifying schools that may be more generous based on your personal circumstances.

Evaluate Payment and Loan Options

HOW you pay for college can impact HOW MUCH you pay.  Campus Bound will evaluate your options so that you are paying for college efficiently.

Support With Financial Aid Forms

The various financial aid forms can be daunting.  Mistakes can be costly.   Campus Bound will help you with completing the applications, making sure everything is submitted correctly and on time.

Financial Aid Appeal

Colleges will consider special circumstances and requests for additional aid.  Campus Bound can assist you in your appeals to maximize your award package.

Process & Deadlines

There are multiple steps involved from planning to paying the tuition bills.  Our team will support you so that you don’t miss a step.


Fixed Price Package


Ideal for families looking for assistance with substantial parts of the college financial aid process. Services are delivered in a personalized manner for each family, keeping you on track with structured deadlines. Our core package includes all of our financial aid services.   We take you from the planning stage all the way to advising you on how to pay the bill.

Hourly Assistance


Ideal for families looking for assistance with one or two aspects of the process, such as strategies for increasing scholarship opportunities and/or guidance with filling out the forms. Families can choose the aspects of the process on which they would like to focus.



Senior year is the big year for applying for and securing grants, scholarships and loans. Students will submit financial aid applications, hear back from colleges and pursue the different options for paying the bill.

Campus Bound can take the pressure off and help you through each step of this confusing process.   We will use our expertise to make sure that you are not paying more than you have to for college.

Fall of 12th grade

  • Complete and submit financial aid applications (FAFSA , CSS Profile and/or Institutional Forms and Documentation)
  • Review special scholarship requirements for your student’s colleges, such as an early application deadline or special application
  • Consult your high school guidance department about local scholarships

January through April of 12th grade

  • Receive financial aid awards and compare them to one another
  • Notify colleges of any special circumstances
  • Appeal for additional funding from colleges, if necessary
  • Seek out and apply for third-party scholarships

End of 12th grade through the summer

  • Enroll in monthly payment plan, if desired
  • Complete steps to secure loans, if necessary
  • Receive and pay college bill


An integral part of securing grants and scholarships often comes down to thoughtful consideration when building your list of target colleges.   This includes understanding your college budget.

  • Search for colleges that meet your budget, taking possible need- or merit-based aid into account
  • Make sure parents and student are aware of cost limitations
  • Continue to save for college and better understand your eligibility for financial aid

Freshmen and Sophomores

The early high school years represent an important time for planning and saving.  If you are considering making changes to your finances, this may be the time to do it. Income and investments will be evaluated closely in the two years prior to applying for aid.

  • Aggressively save for college
  • Develop a college budget
  • Determine if there are any relatives who plan to help with college expenses
  • Learn about potential eligibility for need-based financial aid
  • Make any changes to savings or income that can help maximize aid eligibility



The process begins with a free no-obligation consultation in one of our offices or over the phone where we will learn about your situation, explain our services in more depth, and help you decide which level of support is right for you.