Campus Bound’s experienced team is with you every step of the way.  We provide you with the guidance and support you deserve so that you can optimize your chances for success in reaching your goals – all while reducing the stress that can arise.

Why Work With A College Counselor

Colleges are Very Good at Marketing

As you prepare to make this major life and financial investment, it is important to be an educated consumer.  An advisor can help you to understand what a college can offer and how it fits YOUR goals.

Applying Can Be Stressful For The Family

Parents and students can have different opinions and timelines that can lead to conflict.  An independent counselor can help to make the process go smoothly.

College is a Major Investment

The short- and long-term financial considerations of colleges are significant and a full evaluation of opportunities can be life-changing.

Stand Out from the Competition

College applications can be daunting, and everything you submit counts. An expert can provide valuable insights on how to show colleges your best.


We develop strong partnerships with our students and families to discover what is unique about each student. This allows us to help students submit college applications that make them stand out and tell colleges their unique stories.

The college search and application process should be a fun and exciting time. With Campus Bound as your partner, you can be assured that the process will stay on track, and the family relationship will remain intact.

Identifying Colleges

Campus Bound takes a methodical approach in helping you to identify your college goals and priorities.  We assist you in building a well-balanced list of colleges, based on both your needs and your academic profile.

Researching Colleges

Researching your interests and pursuing ideal colleges for you is a critical part of the college search process.  We advise you on how to make the most of your contacts with colleges, including campus visits.   If you have a chance to interview, we’ll prepare you! 

Assistance with Essays and Applications

Strong applications can make the difference between being admitted or being denied.  From brainstorming essay and supplement topics to reviewing everything that will be submitted, we are right by your side.

Standardized Test Planning

We help you to carefully evaluate your testing options, preparation plans, and schedule.

Supplements, Resumes and Recommendations

The college application is an opportunity to show an admission officer that you are more than a test score and a transcript.  Campus Bound assists you in these critical parts of the application.

Majors and Careers

Considering life after college can be an important part of your college search.  Campus Bound provides you with cutting-edge tools to help you understand your aptitudes and learn how they relate to the world of work.


At Campus Bound, we provide an integrated approach to counseling our students through the college admissions process for students of all academic levels, backgrounds and areas of interest. We know that students pursuing certain academic areas or interests may face unique challenges. We have trained counselors on staff, available to work with students and families as they navigate the nuances of:

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Fixed Price Package


Ideal for families looking for assistance with substantial parts of college search and application process. Services are delivered in a personalized manner for each student, keeping them on track with structured deadlines. Packages include all of our admissions services. Options vary based on number of meetings, number of essays and overall level of support.

Hourly Assistance


Ideal for families looking for assistance with one or two aspects of the process, such as college list development and/or writing the essay. Families can choose the aspects of the process on which they want to focus.

Discover The Right Career And Major For You

Beginning the college search process can feel overwhelming, but a good place to start is with a thorough self-assessment. To support this effort, Campus Bound has partnered with YouScience. The YouScience scientific assessment allows students to gain unparalleled insight into the college and career choices that are perfectly matched with their natural abilities, aptitudes and interests.

Through Campus Bound, this assessment and review of the results is included in our packages or the service can be purchased a la carte for only $199. This includes a consultation in which we discuss the results of your analysis and provide related insights into the context of the college search.



The process begins with a free, no-obligation consultation in one of our offices or on the phone where we will learn about your situation, explain our services in more depth, and help you decide which level of support is right for you.

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