College Admissions without Test Scores

Those of us who are deeply into the world of college admissions knew that the SAT’s and ACT’s were likely on their way out. But we didn’t expect it to come quite so quickly. Assuming that testing locations won’t be open this fall and student’s won’t have the opportunity to take SAT’s or ACT’s, what does that mean for the admissions process?

Many articles have been written and studies have been done about both the unfairness of these tests and the lack of college success predictability. The tests had these intentions but were missing the mark in some big ways. For those reasons, colleges were relying on these tests to make admissions decisions less and less. Colleges were going test-optional, meaning students could choose to send test scores or not. Many admissions experts expected SAT’s or ACT’s to be obsolete within the next few years.

This past spring when the country basically shut down, so did test centers and high schools. So the SAT and ACT could not be administered. At that time, many colleges decided to go fully test-optional. However, students, parents, high schools and colleges were optimistic that test centers could open in the fall and students would have the opportunity to test at that time.

Well, now it’s fall and it’s not looking likely. So, how are colleges evening the playing field for students that took the test in the fall or winter of junior year, before test sites closed, with those students who didn’t have the opportunity to take the test? They are doing so in two ways:

  1. Test-Optional with no negative assumptions: Colleges that are remaining Test-Optional are saying that if a student doesn’t not submit test scores, rather than assume the scores are not good and that’s why the student didn’t send, they will assume that the students didn’t have the opportunity to test and that is why they did not send scores.
  2. Test Blind: Some colleges are going test-blind, which means that even if a student did have the opportunity to take a test and submit scores, they will not be evaluated in the admissions process.
  3. Test required: As of now, there still are some colleges that are requiring test scores.

Do you think these new practices are fair? Is one more fair than the other? Regardless, we are in unprecedented times and it’s important to stay calm and focused on the things we CAN control: ourselves.

For an updated list with information about which colleges are test-required or test-blind, go to: https://lists.nacacnet.org/uploads/3/526197/C3azUpPWned5WdGWelJKpNjSW37ff6c0a/image.png

For a list of test-optional colleges go to www.fairtest.orghttp://fairtest.org


Pay it Forward: How We at Campus Bound are Doing Our Part

When we meet with students to help them with their resume, one of the things we always look for is community service. We tell students not to do it just because it looks good to colleges, but because it’s just a good thing to do in general and it can be very rewarding to help others.  When choosing a community service project, we advise students to pick something they truly love. That way, everyone benefits and the experience can be more meaningful for everyone. 

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Siblings: A College Counselor’s Reflection

Much of the staff at Campus Bound has worked here for several years.  It’s a fabulous place to work for many reasons, including: the collegiality among the staff, the guidance of the senior staff and supervisors, and, most importantly, the clients we serve.  One of the great things about working at Campus Bound is the honor of being able to work with a family over several years.  It’s one of the true joys of my job.

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Why You May Want to Have a “Financial Safety” School On Your List

By now you have likely heard of a “safety school” and have some understanding of what that means. (Read more here) In that sense, we are talking about changes of being admitted to a particular school. But there is a newer phrase in the world of college counseling that you may want to understand better, and it is, “financial safety.” In this blog we will go over what it is, and why it makes sense to have one on your list.

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Our Essential Essay Do’s and Don’ts

One of the reasons so many families hire Campus Bound over the summer is so that students can complete their college essay BEFORE senior year.  Our counselors and essay specialists are available all summer long and we love helping students write amazing essays and taking this big task off their fall to-do lists.

In this blog, we wanted to provide our top tips for writing the college essay. Print this out, and share it with friends, because this information is essential to know before you start writing.

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2017 in Review

The other day, I was at the gym talking to a woman about my career and when I said out loud, “I love working with teenagers!” several people turned around and gave me funny looks. One even said, “No one loves teenagers!” in a teasing tone. While I suppose I may be in the minority, I really do love working with teens. Over the past sixteen years, I have devoted my education and career to them.

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Tour College Campuses The Way College Counselors Do

Fresh off my recent trip to visit colleges in Florida, I compiled a list of secret things college counselors do when we visit colleges.  Seeing colleges ourselves helps us guide our students to colleges that are a good “fit.”  Campus Bound Counselors are dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest developments within the realm of college admissions and on the campuses of particular colleges.

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