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Advice From Inside

Advice From Inside: What Can a Student do to Make Their Application Stand Out?

The people who work at Campus Bound are truly some of the most impressive people I have ever worked with. Many of our counselors and essay specialists have worked in the field for over 20 years (I am two years away from that mark and I can’t believe it). We have several counselors and other staff members who have worked “on the other side of the desk,” as we call it in our field, meaning they have worked in college admissions offices. So, from time to time, I like to tap into their wealth of insider information and pass it along to you. This time, I asked them: “What can a student do to make their college application stand out?” Here are their responses:

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Advice From Inside Series: College Essays

From time to time I like to tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience of the Campus Bound staff, many of whom are former college admission counselors, and ask them questions that could provide some inside information that could potentially help you.  This month I asked, “What was the best college essay you ever read, and what made it stand out to you?”  Here are their responses:

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“It All Works out the Way it’s Supposed to” and Other Advice from Former Campus Bound Students

We may be biased, okay we are definitely biased, but Campus Bound students are the best. We are so lucky to have worked with some pretty amazing students over the years.  For this week’s blog, we decided to tap into the experience and knowledge of our former Campus Bound clients to see what advice they have for students currently going through the process, or who are about to go through it.

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College Admissions: Campus Bound’s Process and Values

When the news first broke earlier this week about the scandal in college admissions, we here at  Campus Bound were, as I imagine was the case for many of you, appalled. Even for those of us in this industry, it is hard to believe that people would go to such great lengths to guarantee admission to a particular university. I have wanted to write about this news from so many different angles — and I hope it is obvious that Campus Bound, and in fact most counselors in our industry, would never even consider participating in such unethical practices. The people involved in this admissions scandal are not representative of the majority of college counselors, coaches, or parents.

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College Advising is in Short Supply

If you haven’t already read this article from Education Week, I suggest that you do so. It was concerning to us here at Campus Bound, and we wanted to take this opportunity, in this blog, to respond to it.


The take-away from the article, and from this recent study from the National Association of College Admission Counselors, is that only a third of the public high schools in the United States have a college counselor, or designated counselor, to help them with post-high school educational goals. Even more concerning is that the likeliness of a school having a college counselor goes down as the poverty rate of the high school students goes up.  So even fewer middle to lower class students are getting this kind of support.

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Advice From Inside: What If I Have Low Grades?

From time to time, we like to utilize the well over 50 years of combined college admissions experience of the Campus Bound staff to provide students and parents with some inside scoop.  These counselors have been on the other side of the desk, so their advice is priceless.


This time, we asked our former College Admission Counselors, “If a student has less than stellar grades, how can they enhance their application in other ways?” 

Here are their responses.:

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What I Wish I Had Known…

Unfortunately, this happens quite a bit: we’ll have our first meeting with student and then they say the words we dislike hearing, “I wish I had known that…”

We wish the college process wasn’t confusing or difficult, but the truth is, it can be. Here are some of the most common scenarios, by school year, in which we hear students say “I wish I knew that!”  Pay attention… don’t let it be you!

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