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Advice From Inside: How to Wow at a College Fair

Fall… the leaves fall off the trees, the kids go back to school, and admission counselors travel around the country in search of students who would be a good match for their college.  Our Advice from Inside blog series continues, as we tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience of our counseling staff to bring you real advice that can make a difference.

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College List

Likely, Target, Reach… Oh My!

As Seniors head back to school and their final year of high school is underway, the reality of college may start to hit. Many students are now stressing about impending application deadlines, completing college essays and making sure they have a well-balanced college list. Sometimes, fear sets in and students begin to think about the worst-case scenario: “What happens if I don’t get into any colleges?”


Although the college admission process isn’t an exact science, Campus Bound counselors give each student a good sense of their chances of admission to the colleges they intend to apply to.  Using data published by colleges and our accessibility to previous admissions decisions and trends, we sit down with each student and give him or her a clear sense of what to expect. Of course, nothing is a sure thing, but when students have a balanced list, the odds are in their favor!


So what makes a balanced list? Campus Bound recommends that students apply to roughly 8 colleges. Of those 8 colleges, at least two should be “Likely.” It’s also a good idea to apply to two or so “Reach” schools, and the rest should be in the “Target” zone. A description of each category is below.


A “Reach” school is a school where a student’s chance of admittance, based usually on GPA and standardized testing scores alone, is low.  Typically a “Reach” school denies students with a profile comparable to yours.


A “Target” school is a school where the student’s chance of admittance, based on GPA and standardized testing scores, is 50%. This means that a “Target” school sometimes admits and sometimes denies students with a profile comparable to yours.


A “Likely” school is a school where the student’s chance of admittance, based on GPA and standardized testing scores, is high. This means that a “Likely” school typically admits students with a profile comparable to yours.



Deciding which category a school falls into for youcan be tricky, and that’s where a trusted college counselor comes in.  We have the experience and knowledge to make informed recommendations and take guessing (nearly) out of the equation. Of course, college admission is not an exact science, but students who adopt the 2-4-2 recommendation will ultimately end up at a colleges that they are happy and excited to attend.


Common Application 101

You’ve heard all about it: The Common Application. But what is it? How do you get started? Do you have to use it? And, will all your colleges accept it? These are some of the “common” questions we get about the Common Application. Below we’ve answered all of these questions and more. Get ready to take notes…Common App 101 is in session.

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5 Steps to Making a Great College List

Students, one of the major tasks to accomplish as you head into your senior year of high school is to create a balanced and thoughtful college list. There are many questions surrounding the college list: “How do I get started?” “How many colleges should be on my list?”, etc. The counselors at Campus Bound have broken it down into 5 easy steps and we are available to help at any time.

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Advice for Seniors

When the news isn’t good news: what to do about deferments and waitlists


You’ve been patiently waiting for that first envelope, but when it comes, it’s not the ACCEPT you’ve been hoping for. A rejection is one thing: at least then you have a definitive answer and can move on. But, what if you hear: “You’ve been waitlisted,” or “Your Early Action application has been deferred to our regular admission pool”? These responses from colleges can be confusing to students and parents, but Campus Bound is here to help. Below are some tips and the steps you can take to increase your chances when your application is reviewed a second time around.

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Tour College Campuses The Way College Counselors Do

Fresh off my recent trip to visit colleges in Florida, I compiled a list of secret things college counselors do when we visit colleges.  Seeing colleges ourselves helps us guide our students to colleges that are a good “fit.”  Campus Bound Counselors are dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest developments within the realm of college admissions and on the campuses of particular colleges.

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