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Connect, Collaborate and Learn

Jackie and Jen here! Thank you to Kristen for allowing us to guest blog this week and share our experience planning our staff retreat. As a company that works primarily with families and each other remotely, Campus Bound understands the deep, sustained connection that can be made in an online setting one on one. We routinely train, participate in professional development, and meet with a variety of admissions offices across the country virtually throughout the year. 

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Admissions, Advice for Seniors

‘Tis the Season of Highs and Lows

It’s supposed to be the jolliest time of year, but perhaps not for everyone. With college admissions being consistently more confusing, and acceptance rates continuing to plummet at some schools, the holidays can wind up being a season of bad news for some students. Perhaps they had their heart set on an Early Decision school, or really wanted to be admitted to another school. When the news isn’t great, it’s easy to spiral down into a sad, disappointment vortex. So here are some of our top reminders for students feeling the pain of college admissions decisions this time of year.

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Admissions, College List, Tours and Visits

Should I Attend a College Fair?

There are two kinds of college fairs these days, and both can be very beneficial to students for several reasons. In-person college fairs allow great one on one interactions between college admission counselors and students. Online college fairs can be a good information gathering tool for students. In this blog post we will explain further why taking advantage of these opportunities makes a lot of sense for students and families.

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The Campus Bound Advantage

The college search and application process can be overwhelming- we all know that. And there are many resources out there to help you. Campus Bound is an organization that offers a clear advantage to the students and families we work with. We are proud and thankful that so many families have trusted us to guide them along the way.

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Financial Aid

What Will Be YOUR Cost of College?

New, Limited-Time Offer- Aid Eligibility Assessment

In the process of developing and finalizing a well-rounded college list, financial considerations can be one of the most complicated pieces. Many colleges offer need-based grants and merit scholarships. However, understanding how much your family will receive is perplexing. There are potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake but to say that colleges lack transparency is an understatement!  Adding to the challenge for students is that they have to narrow their potential targets without knowing what the costs will be until much later in the process. 

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