Introducing Our Team of Subject Area Specialists

We are dedicated to helping ALL types of students create strong applications and find schools that are ideal matches.

It seems with every passing year, the complexity of the college search, application and financial aid process has increased. Colleges add layer after layer to their admission and aid requirements.

We know that students pursuing certain academic areas or personal interests will face unique challenges. That is why we are excited to announce another layer of support at Campus Bound….our Subject Area Specialists (SAS)!

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Reaching Out to College Athletic Coaches in 5 Easy Steps

It might seem daunting and scary to reach out to the athletic coaches at the colleges you are interested in. Or, perhaps you are putting it off hoping that, by some chance, the coach from the college you love clear across the country will miraculously find you and reach out to you. Well, there is no sense waiting, and it’s really not hard. Here are 5 simple steps to help you as you take the initiative and reach out to college athletic coaches.

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4 Important Ways to Reduce Stress During the College Process

The college search and application process can be stressful to students and families. Despite everyone’s best efforts to keep a clear head and calm demeanor, the fact of the matter is that it’s a process with many questions, tasks and responsibilities. In this blog post, we outline four ways students can possibly reduce stress while searching for and applying to colleges.

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Financial Aid

Appealing Merit Aid: What’s the Best Approach?

You’ve been accepted and received your merit awards. You have some great options to choose from, but your top choice’s out-of-pocket cost is a little out of reach. You may be wondering if it’s possible to appeal your merit award, and the short answer is, “Yes, you can!” Each college has its own policy on whether it reviews merit appeals and the basis for which it reviews them. It can’t hurt to appeal for more. You never know if the college is still seeking students like you, or if it is hopeful that a small increase to your award package will help put you on the campus. Let’s review some quick tips for deciphering if a merit appeal is right for you.

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Financial Aid

Financial Aid Changes Are Coming, Be Prepared

Changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are on the way!  With the passing of the Federal pandemic relief legislation in December, Congress also approved several updates to the FAFSA effective with the 2023-2024 academic year. Tucked into the nearly 6,000 pages of the Covid relief bill were many associated with the financial aid system.   There is some good news in there such as the removal of many confusing questions on the FAFSA.   There are also many changes that will directly affect the methodology used to determine a family’s financial aid eligibility. Let’s explore some of the changes expected to have the greatest potential impact on families:

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If You’re Considering Playing Sports in College, Read This

The decision about whether to play sports in college is a big one. Perhaps you’ve played tennis throughout high school, but are you good enough to play in college? Maybe you play basketball, but you feel you definitely couldn’t commit to the intensity of a D1 team. Or, maybe you love volleyball, but will playing in college deter you from your studies? All of these are very normal questions to be asking yourself. The decision to play sports or not is a personal one, but here are some points to consider that could help.

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Advice for Seniors, Financial Aid

Seniors: Do This So That Your Financial Aid Awards Aren’t Delayed

By now, hopefully, your main financial aid applications (FAFSA, CSS Profile) are submitted. For those of you who applied under an early admission program, you may have already seen some financial aid awards. Think you’re done? Sorry: there may be more roads to travel. The colleges and government sure can make this financial aid process convoluted.

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