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Advice From Inside: What Can a Student do to Make Their Application Stand Out?

The people who work at Campus Bound are truly some of the most impressive people I have ever worked with. Many of our counselors and essay specialists have worked in the field for over 20 years (I am two years away from that mark and I can’t believe it). We have several counselors and other staff members who have worked “on the other side of the desk,” as we call it in our field, meaning they have worked in college admissions offices. So, from time to time, I like to tap into their wealth of insider information and pass it along to you. This time, I asked them: “What can a student do to make their college application stand out?” Here are their responses:

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Having More Course Options in High School Isn’t Always Better

You work your way through the grind of early high school. You take your required math, english, science, and history courses. A foreign language course may be required, may not be. Finally, it’s junior year or senior year, and you have fulfilled the graduation requirements and can just sit back and take electives now, right?! Not so fast. In this blog post we explain why all the “fun” options for junior and senior year courses are really an easy trap to fall into if you’re looking at selective colleges and can hurt your chances of being admitted.

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