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Financial Aid

What Will Be YOUR Cost of College?

New, Limited-Time Offer- Aid Eligibility Assessment

In the process of developing and finalizing a well-rounded college list, financial considerations can be one of the most complicated pieces. Many colleges offer need-based grants and merit scholarships. However, understanding how much your family will receive is perplexing. There are potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake but to say that colleges lack transparency is an understatement!  Adding to the challenge for students is that they have to narrow their potential targets without knowing what the costs will be until much later in the process. 

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Student Athletes: Questions to Ask Coaches

Many of our junior students are trying to make a big decision these days: play sports in college, or not. Talking it over with your parents and Campus Bound counselor is a really important step, but there are also conversations you can be having with coaches that can help. Both your high school athletic coach, as well as coaches at the college level can offer important insights. Here are some questions you might ask them.

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Financial Aid

Determining your Financial Aid Eligibility – A Critical Step in the College Search Process

Could you imagine walking into a high-end car dealership with no idea if the price of the car is going to be $60,000 or $30,000 until after you have done the test drive, talked to the sales manager, and done a credit check? Well, that’s somewhat like what the college financial aid system is like except it can be multiplied by 4-5x of those amounts or more for the 4 years of college.

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Advice for Parents, Financial Aid

Financial Aid Strategies: Fact vs. Fiction

A question we receive often at Campus Bound is from families wondering what the best ‘strategy’ is for applying for financial aid. When you google financial aid strategies you are inundated with personal opinions about the financial aid process. Some of these articles are curated by professionals with years of experience in the field while others are written by individuals without credentials. Either way, it can be hard to know who to listen to and what information is valid.

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