Online tools and resources to help reach your college goals.
Find the ‘right’ colleges – Make informed decisions – Reduce the cost – Avoid debt

The Financial Center: An easy to use tool for families to input their savings and earnings, as well as research the affordability and academic fit of selected colleges.

  • Determine if there is a shortfall for each school for each child individually and the family as a whole
  • Receive tips to close the shortfall, as well as an indication of how a projected student loan payment compares to a salary projection

The Resource Center: One area for all recommended and required activities to prepare for college including

  • Links to the key applications for admissions and financial aid
  • Common and Universal Applications
  • FAFSA and CSS/PROFILE forms to apply for financial aid
  • Important websites so that you can understand the process

Helpful Budgeting Calculators: To estimate costs and savings to understand your education budget and to calculate…

  • The monthly contribution required to save for the full or partial cost of a particular college or type of college: i.e. how much do you have to save?
  • The amount of savings that will accumulate from time zero to the student’s freshman year: i.e. how much can you save?
  • How much more needs to be saved for each period that there is a delay in savings: i.e. the cost of waiting/procrastinating

The Passport for Success: Grade-by-grade, age appropriate guidance for parents with newborns all the way through 12th grade.

A 529 Program Search Engine: The program pre-populates the 529 programs available in the state and offers a search function for all available programs.

A College Search Engine: Lists over 7,000 colleges that you can search by location, majors and several other important criteria to help the student find a great college fit.

A Scholarship Search Engine: Search and access $10 billion of scholarships.

An Automated Calendar: Automatically uploads testing, scholarship and college application deadlines and provides alerts.

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