June 2019

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Pay it Forward: How We at Campus Bound are Doing Our Part

When we meet with students to help them with their resume, one of the things we always look for is community service. We tell students not to do it just because it looks good to colleges, but because it’s just a good thing to do in general and it can be very rewarding to help others.  When choosing a community service project, we advise students to pick something they truly love. That way, everyone benefits and the experience can be more meaningful for everyone. 

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Financial Aid

What’s your college budget? How are you going to pay for college?

By Gregg Cohen, Campus Bound Founder and President


At Campus Bound, we believe that finding a college that ‘fits’ each individual is extremely important.   There are 3 core areas to determine if a college will position a student for a successful college journey and beyond.  The first two – the academic program and non-academic factors such as size, geography and school culture, tend to get a great deal of attention and discussion.  The third, the financial fit, often times does not receive the due diligence it deserves.

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Advice for Parents

I Let My Kindergartener Walk To School, And Other Mom-Shaming Decisions

As the title of this blog suggests, I allow my 6 year old to walk to school. In this era of parents driving kids to school, or even bus stops, I get some serious side-eye when I tell other parents that. Now, let’s be clear. He has an 8 year old brother that he walks with. School is about a quarter of a mile from our house with all sidewalks and no major streets to cross. Still, it’s a decision, much like allowing children to play at a playground alone, that could get me thrown in “mom jail.”

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Admissions, Advice for Juniors, Advice for Sophomores, Athletics

Early Questions for Student Athletes

At Campus Bound, we typically don’t advise students to focus on specific colleges until junior year of high school. We provide more information about that in this recent blog post. However, some eager sophomores may want to get a jump start on certain things, including the college recruitment process for student athletes. In this blog post, we explain why an early start is helpful and the tasks that can get done now to ease the process down the road.

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