March 2018

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Advice for Parents

Parents: Say This, Not That

It’s tough to be a parent of a teenager. Period. We get it! Most Campus Bound counselors are parents ourselves, and many have been through the college admissions process with our own kids. Even those of us who haven’t gone through it ourselves have been working with teens and families long enough to know how stressful this time can be.

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Financial Aid

How Families Can Prepare For College Costs Now

Ever since your children were born you’ve been doing an impressive job holding the cash flow together.   But does it feel like sometimes that you are bringing in money with a tablespoon and it is going out with a shovel?   It can be so difficult to meet regular living expenses. Then throw in your mortgage, retirement goals, extra-curricular activity expenses such as club teams, cell phones, holidays, the occasional vacation and whatever you can do to provide yourself a little entertainment. Perhaps you even try to put some money into college savings. But now college tuition bills are on the horizon and that is going to throw off the balance in a big way.   The shovel is about to be exchanged for a front-end loader!!!

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