Campus Bound’s experienced and passionate college counseling professionals guide students as they navigate the increasingly challenging road to college.

Our Process

Our individualized yet methodical approach to helping students with the college search and application process is a time-tested effort. We work with all students from THEIR starting point, not ours. Every student has unique goals and challenges, and our program is built with this in mind. We offer different service packages to meet your specific needs and budget. It’s not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach at Campus Bound.

Your Outcomes

Ultimately, successful outcomes are defined entirely by the families we support. While success can come in the form of well-deserved acceptance letters and generous financial aid packages, we learn from our clients that success is often so much more than that.

To them, success is as much about the journey their student takes as they pursue their college goals as it is about the admission and scholarship decisions. There are often many personal, positive results. Here are a few successful outcomes we hear consistently:

Confidence  that both student and parents have done their very best navigating a complicated journey that impacts the entire family.

Happiness  in finding a college that is an excellent fit: a place where the student will thrive while building the foundation for future success.

Stress-reduction for ALL family members as search, application and financial aid steps (if applicable) are finished in a methodical manner well before college deadlines.

Growth that students experience over time as they take ownership over the process and find colleges that “work” for them.

Satisfaction experienced by parents who can assume the role of “valuable supporter” as opposed to “task master.”

Balance in all senses of the word: a balanced college list, a balanced application effort in light of the student’s other priorities, a balanced college budget based on your family finances.

Our Tools

In addition to our own database with admissions results, which complements school-specific information, Campus Bound leverages other state-of-the art technologies and data to support our counseling effort. Our other tools include an essay management platform and a career and aptitude assessment. Additionally, we maintain a database of financial aid grants and scholarships so that we can determine the potential for a college to become a financial fit.

Expert Advice

Our team of professionals is here to share expert advice.

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