Campus Bound is a team of experienced and passionate college counseling professionals who are dedicated to helping students successfully navigate the road to college. 


The admissions process has changed dramatically. Not only have things become more competitive, but it can be challenging to sort through all of the “noise” and to know what information is accurate. Together, we take the time to understand your goals and to support you in reaching them.

Financial Aid

Campus Bound’s financial aid services help families explore ways to reduce the overall cost of college. We take a holistic approach to evaluate and pursue opportunities for need-based aid, merit aid, negotiating your award, paying efficiently, and more, based on your specific circumstances.


We are dedicated to helping all types of students create strong applications and find schools that are ideal matches. We collaborate frequently to discuss our students, colleges and trends in the admissions process to ensure that we provide each family with the highest level of service.


How We Help

Identifying Colleges

Campus Bound takes a methodical approach in helping you to identify your college goals and priorities.  We assist you in building a well-balanced list of colleges, based on both your needs and your academic profile.

Researching Colleges

Researching your interests and pursuing the best colleges for you is a critical part of the college search.  We advise you on how to make the most of your contacts with potential schools, including college visits.   If you have a chance to interview, we’ll prepare you!

Assistance with Essays and Applications

Strong applications can make the difference between being admitted or being denied.  From brainstorming essay and supplement topics to reviewing everything that will be submitted to a college, we are right by your side.

Assistance with Pursuing Need-Based Financial Aid

The need-based financial aid system is complicated.  It is important to understand your opportunities for reducing your costs as you start the search.  We know the formula inside and out, and we help you pursue these grants and loans so you don’t miss a chance.

Identifying Merit/Scholarship Opportunities

Merit scholarships from colleges are increasingly becoming a key piece of the college financial puzzle regardless of your financial situation.  Campus Bound assists you with identifying schools that may be more generous based on your circumstances.

Guidance with Payment and Loan Options

HOW you pay for college can impact HOW MUCH you pay.  Campus Bound will evaluate your options so that you are paying for college efficiently.

Nearly 40% of first-year students at 4-year colleges leave or transfer to a different college before completing their degree.

At Campus Bound, we are proud to report that fewer than 5% of our students transfer from the college where they initially enrolled.


Client Testimonials

“Absolutely everyone should use Campus Bound if not for the full experience, then use the financial experience. It’s such an overwhelming process. Parents need the guidance Campus Bound can offer, otherwise I truly feel they (parents) can be taken advantage of. We hire the best doctors for our health, lawyers, accountants, and dentists! Get involved with Campus Bound to do the best for your child’s college future.”

“My counselor was absolutely amazing. My college application process wouldn’t have been close to as smooth and effective as it was without such an experienced, approachable, and caring person. I grew to feel as if she was a truly caring friend who wanted the best for me.”

“Extremely helpful on all fronts. This is my first go around with college applications – 2 more to go. The staff has been extremely responsive and comforting and knowledgeable. They have allayed my fears but helped me through the complex process of applications and financial aid dynamics. Their guidance and advice is indispensable. I will definitely help myself to their excellent services for the other two of my college-bound children, once we get this one in!”

“My husband and I have used Campus Bound for both of our kids and we highly recommend them. The process of matching kids and parents with a potential counselor is very detailed and thoughtfully done and all of us were confident that they completely understood our priorities. Campus Bound made our lives much less stressful because they have an up-to-date, detailed understanding of what colleges and universities are looking for, as well as a great sense of which schools would provide the “best fit.” The help with essay editing and interview prep was extremely useful and the girls’ counselors were readily available to answer questions and/or concerns.”

Our daughter had a great variety of schools to choose from. She also had great merit and grant offers, and was therefore able to make a really well informed decision that was best fit for her. So thank you again. It was a great experience working with you, and we really appreciate all your help. We have a rising Sophomore…so we will be back!!


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